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Your gateway to pain relief, reduced anxiety, and overall wellness

The Portal is your companion in reaching wellness beyond traditional medical care and fitness.  It combines therapeutic movement, physical therapy, yoga, meditation and breathwork to help reduce anxiety, manage pain, and feel a greater sense of connection to your body – so you can thrive both mentally and physically.

Created by Toni Haugen L.Ac., MSW and Dr. Kathleen Ross, DPT E-RYT, The Portal makes their clinical practices and expertise accessible to you wherever you are.

What is the Portal?

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What can you expect?

No buzzwords, just results.  We’re not gurus or “healers” but we are experienced practitioners and curators of information and resources that WILL - no matter where you are - help you.  Not just your physical wellness but also help you feel empowered and more confident in your own intuition.

And last but not least, The Portal is a community.  There is so much power in connection.  The shared experiences with others can enhance your journey in ways that no amount of classes or workshops can do.  So, we encourage you to introduce yourself, connect with other members, be curious and be open.  It’ll be worth it.